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Welcome to this space !

I wish to share with you who I am and what I offer to the world.

I am Angélique,
a human being who decided to follow her soul purpose,
a woman who has reconnected with the wild essence and wisdom,
an artist, a creator of beauty and joy,
a medicine woman dedicated to healing. 

Have a beautiful ride in my universe !


Let´s get in touch !

Feel welcome to contact me.
+ 33 06 66 72 12 47

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A day with Oceane is a huge "Wow" in our hearts.

A journey filled with sweetness, strength, authenticity, purity.

A trip that makes your heart dance with happiness to be back home.

A journey that feeds you.

Where you feel regenerated, invigorated, reunited with your community.

A trip where you love and where you feel loved.


Thank you Oceane. I feel so honored to know you



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